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Snapshots of the WFO Taxonomic Backbone

Date of Snapshot No. of accepted taxa Download this Snapshot File Size
December 2021 441,752 DwCA zip file  Download 93.6MB
May 2019 390,897 DwCA zip file  Download 137MB
March 2019 389,394 DwCA zip file  Download 93.8MB
July 2018 391,170 DwCA zip file  Download 73.5MB

Name matching facility – WorldFlora R tool

WorldFlora is a tool for the software environment R which aids the matching of plant names using downloaded snapshots the WFO Taxonomic Backbone, available here. 

WorldFlora offers a straightforward pipeline for the semi‐​automatic checking of plant names, and can detect both exact and fuzzy matches. For the test data sets (July 2018 to May 2019), the success rate of credible name matches ranged from 94.7% to 99.9% (Kindt 2020).

A graphical user interface for WorldFlora — RcmdrPlugin.WorldFlora — is also available, and its use is documented in this manual.

Kindt, R. (2020). WorldFlora: An R package for exact and fuzzy matching of plant names against the World Flora Online taxonomic backbone data. Applications in Plant Science, 8(9): e11389. DOI: 10.1002/aps3.11388 [open access].